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bitcoin code elon musk cnn

He subscribes to the whole gamut of conspiracy theories, ranging from Pizzagate to UFOs. For the Christian right the parable serves as an ideological moral justification for the advancement of right-wing economics (tax cuts for the rich etc.). Relevant research: Lucid dreaming exists as a measurable phenomenon (also this and this ) but that's about as far as you should trust the site. 39 40 8 George Gilder is a writer, technology advocate, antifeminist, and and co-founder of the Discovery Institute. 89 Prevent, the British government's anti-extremism strategy 35 founded under Tony Blair in 2003 but reviewed under David Cameron/Theresa where to trade cryptocurrencies in australia May in 2011 36 and still active, initially founded primarily to combat radical Islamism, but also involved with countering the far. Chanty Binx Edit draft, also known as Big Red, is a Toronto resident who gained notoriety online after appearing in a video in which she aggressively promotes feminism while arguing against men's rights activists at an event in Toronto, Canada. 17 Joey Salads Create draft : right wing who produces racist "social experiments" about how aggressive blacks are.

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She's the most well-known female socialist theorist. 15 Graham Linehan was a comedy writer on a TV show 20 years ago who now spends his days angrily tweeting transphobic nonsense and pseudoscience on Twitter. He makes Alex Jones look tame by comparison. 12 An Open Secret is a 2015 documentary covering the child sex abuses at the Digital Entertainment Network, notable for its troubled production and lack of a theatrical release. The case was appealed through the full range of appeal courts up to Europe, the conviction being upheld at each stage, Lemon receiving a suspended sentence. Or just the latest public health scare?

4 Puzzle in a Thunderstorm Create draft, the guys behind three (and a half) rational podcasts including The Scathing Atheist, the Skepticrat, God Awful Movies and half of Citation Needed. There is a rumored treasure, and various wacky people are still hunting for. Click Widget or Click Here to contribute. 12 Silver Legion of America, popularly called the Silver Shirts, a 1930s American fascist organisation founded by William Dudley Pelley. See RationalWiki:Most upvoted to do entries for a list sorted by upvotes. 18, ilhan Omar is a democratic socialist politician who has recently attracted outrage with her criticism of Israel. The film is based on the 2014 memoir Black Klansman by Ron Stallworth. After the video was released, Chanty was subsequently turned into a meme and was given the name "Big Red." Anti-feminists (especially those on ) frequently use her video as an example to "prove" why modern feminism is stupid. 9 Andrew Cuomo : He has 8 years of governing experience and will probably run for President next year, we should document his tenure. Get Breaking News, photos that will warm your heart and more! It's about the desperate efforts of the American Right to stop any form of sexual activity except vaginal intercourse between married couples in the missionary position with clothes on, the lights off and no birth control from taking place.

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Stan Monteith linking the founding fathers to every conspiracy theory imaginable. His book has sold very well and he seems to be something of an ideologue for them" 7 Peter Navarro is one of Donald Trump's main trade advisors and largely thought of as a crank in economics. 10 Abortion doping - an urban legend spread by anti-abortion campaigners that Soviet/communist athletes deliberately got themselves pregnant and then had abortions for the increase in testosterone and other hormones that pregnancy gives. There's a lot of scientific debate about whether walking 10000 steps per day is necessarily good for you and the 10,000 target seems to be an arbitrary figure somebody just made up one day. 58 He is most notable for falsely claiming to be the inventor of email. He lauds Israel as the pinnacle of modern civilization, and of course, he believes in Intelligent design. 4 The Wizard of Oz books. In his own words he "provides the underlying analytics that confirm Trump's intuition on trade. 13 Captain Marvel is a movie that somehow managed to attract the outrage of conservatives, MRAs, Gamergaters, and alt-righters who didn't even watch. 15 Death of a Nation, an upcoming film by Dinesh D'Souza that basically accuses Democrats of being "the real racists". ) 7 Abaddon, the King of the Locusts and demon of destruction in Christian folklore.

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69 Skunk ape could have its own article or even be a section of the Bigfoot article. A draft has been created at Draft:Jeanine Pirro. 4 Ghoul We already have a page about folklore things, like zombies, vampires, ghosts aliens. Arguably an older, British version of Blaire White. While this is partially covered in the article on rape apology, it could use its own article, since it's the favourite canard of the "men's rights" movement and it seems to creep into any serious discussion about rape. 44 New Zealand First, a populist, anti-immigrant party in New Zealand, currently part of the government coalition with the Labour Party.

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There is an "Institute for Aviation Systems an "Institute for Airplane Construction an university course called "Aerospace Technology" at (among others) the "Institute for Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics an "Institute for Aviational Propulsion an "Flight Mechanics and Controls. As a result, he has accidentally raised over 340,000 for a trans rights charity. Russia almost got its man appointed to be the new head. 19 Anarcho-monarchism, a candidate for the most contradictory idea of all time. He has gained vast popularity in the alt-right and similar circles lastly. 13:13 13:14 hatanin varyansi niye utanalm amk. They're loved by Goop, but Kim Kardashian's was less successful, and they have been linked to 2 cases of HIV transmission in New Mexico. Interesting commentary on many issues. 21 22 I found this" regarding the ingredients: "Recently, a company called asea, was able to take sodium, chloride, hydrogen and oxygen (salt water) molecules, separate them and recombine them to form oxidants (free radicals) and reductants (which neutralize.

Could also be a sub-topic under Prosperity gospel. 12 The Party of Reason and Progress Create draft (porp) is an non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reason and empirically sound decision-making in modern politics. Over 2 million monthly users. 32 FeministWiki Edit draft 33 is a website run by terfs who, in a manner indistinguishable from that of the editors at Conservapedia, claimed RationalWiki' is a whacksite long run by teenage liberals who follow queer theory. The Theme for The Obergon Chronicles. There is really no "Aerospace Institute" at the Uni Stuttgart. While it's obvious propaganda, I don't personally have the full historical knowledge to give it a proper RWing. There's also a joke/meme of publishing intentionally bad lip readings bitcoin code elon musk cnn of political speeches, events, etc, which may or may not be worth covering (probably not, to be honest). 77 Activated charcoal - the newest fad involving ingesting and brushing your teeth with burnt wood. 35 Boogie2988,r who thinks gay marriage shouldnt be legal until 20 years from now in order to prevent gay people from being murdered for being gay. 3 Moloch, a Canaanite god associated with human sacrifice. Because of this, there was a height of fear in Los Angeles of another race riot worse than the 1992 Los Angeles riots if he was prosecuted.

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5 Debbie Hayton Create draft a trans woman who seems to spend a good chunk of her time concern trolling and spouting terf-esque arguments online and apparently calls the declaration of trans women being women to be "Orwellian thinking". 65 17 John Harvey Kellogg was a medical doctor, co-creater of corn flakes, and a puritanical Seventh-Day Adventist who heavily promoted the second phase of the Clean living movement, approached "biologic living" by combining pseudoscience with his Adventist beliefs to promote. The Rumor Mill News Reading Room. The film uses this historical event to offer a trenchant commentary on current events coinciding with the one year anniversary of Unite the Right and the death of Heather Heyer. (An ideology that supports prostitution and pedophilia because of its obsession with 'breaking taboos. 8 But overall: good or bad? 39 Hurricane Maria, since we have Hurricane Katrina as an article, which criticizes the government for its response before and after the storm, then we might as well make one for Maria for Trump's poor response, 51 his attacks. En içteki gök de dünya mzdr. 48 John McAfee, libertarian burn-out businessman who is running for President at the same time that he is under scrutiny for maybe committing bitcoin code elon musk cnn several crimes. 9 The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is a controversial proposed EU directive best known for two parts of it: Article 11, which grants publishers the rights to usage of their articles. 85 Operation Gladio We don't have a page about Gladio yet. This could be its own article about eye colors or even just a new section added to the already existing eye article.

The former professional football star and actor. A perfect topic for RationalWiki 17 Religious education, in British schools (and possibly elsewhere if relevant for decades, RE has been taught as a subject with a broadly Christian basis in British schools (today a variety of faiths. 10 Brandon Straka Create draft gay conservative who founded the #WalkAway movement. Given their reminiscence of GamerGate in terms of tactics, their excessive focus on Marvel's new Iron Man Riri Williams, and how the group acted as a catalyst in the firing of Chuck Wendig, then this article should become a priority. Numerous scientists have commented on the possibility of the various technologies addressed, though seemingly not hard science advocate Richard Dawkins, despite being married to actress Lalla Ward who played Time Lady Romana. 10 11 9 Kukuruyo Create draft is the artist of one of the most infamous pro-Gamergate comic series. They didn't even brag with the name of the alleged scientist. China, Russia and other states have used Interpol to harass political dissidents contrary to Interpol's rules. I've also seen several versions of this eye color chart which does not accurately portray how Punnett squares really work 20 and could potentially bitcoin code elon musk cnn lead some to falsely believe that infidelity has occurred. 24 Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft Create draft, a church run by terfs.

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Listen at, the Obergon Chronicles ebook, diana, queen OF heaven: The New World Religion. 47 18 Chepo Team Create draft is a propaganda comic written by a fiercely right-wing and pro-Trump author that is about fictional Hispanics who are fiercely conservative and spout the same right-wing rhetoric that Trump and other Republicans. Just don't buy any supplements or machines." But see this mishmash of new age folk psychology and Jungian symbolism. On the other hand, walking more is probably good for you. They peddle lucid dreaming supplements, lucid dreaming books, lucid dreaming products and the likes. 5 Jordan Sather Create draft is a right-wing conspiracy theorist and a prominent QAnon promoter on. Maybe not the academic term but the colloquial term of profits before people. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 114 Cryptocurrency : Just a redirect to Bitcoin. Reverend Black Percy ( talk ) 13:56, 27 December 2016 (UTC) 3 Jimmie?kesson, current leader of the far-right party known as the Sweden Democrats, who is attempting to brush aside his party's dark history and shenanigans.

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To get the page to reload properly, add?actionpurge to the address bar to purge that cache. See this video for famous example of him staging one of his "experiments and the followup "interview". Ml m/medias/1220691/files/ m/powerpedia:eric-dollard p?titleEric_P_Dollard m m/ dia ml m/article-1-8152/ m/user/aseavideo m/watch? It experienced controversy as some considered it more divisive than unifying, and in response some have argued that opposition to the flag is racist. 3 Jade face rollers Create draft it's the newest pseudoscience. 22 Transgender Trend Create draft a British anti-Transgender group that wants to circulate anti-trans material in schools. Manyak msnz, alg operasyonlarnz yerim sizin. He also has a long and storied history of bending over backward for Republicans that's worth noting. We would love you to write something on-mission for them! And his intuition is always right in these matters." 16 Dr Shaym Edit draft is ar, antifeminst, and critic of "SJWs." He is quite popular with nearly 450k subcribers. I overheard four liberals in a hipster cafe saying that conservative wannabe-provocateur, serial self-owner and walking punchline Jacob Wohl deserves an RW article, just so we can laugh at him some more. Peterson also dislikes feminism and believe women shouldn't even be allowed to vote. 11 Zinnia Jones Create draft is an Orlando trans activist and science writer.

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This has got press attention for a while, with some blaming supernatural influences and others suggesting bizarre canine-psychological factors. 142, saturated fat and cardiovascular disease, and, cholesterol denialism. 22:24 on41yedi - spoiler - kederliydim, ama onlara 'yorgunluktan.'diyordum. To many people, Peterson is bitcoin code elon musk cnn ofen called "Uncle Ruckus. Currently a two-sentence redirect, but there's a pile of bad science involved. This started a controversy that got worse after Jeong and NYT defended themselves. 122 Making a Murderer is a popular Netflix documentary series outlining the case of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey. The film received acclaim from critics, with many praising the performances and timely themes, as well as noting it as a return to form for Lee. 14 Mark Levin : The conservative talk radio article more or less already has this but his entry there is long enough that he deserves his own article. 44 2 Libb Thims Create draft is an engineer from Chicago and creator of fo, an encyclopedia of "human thermodynamics". The movie adds Christian elements and exaggerates and/or alters the true story it is based. Eichmann was charged by SS-Obergruppenführer (general/lieutenant general).

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