Best trade show strategies

best trade show strategies

Having a table across the front of the booth space can make it appear closed off and uninviting. Create a comprehensive trade show marketing strategy plan of attack, determine, what your goals are, which strategies youre going to implement. Be sure to make good use of your pictures and interviews post- show by including them on your website, post- show press releases, social media, twitter bitcoin cash coinbase blog, newsletter, etc. If you end up short and you are missing materials then you will not be as successful at any event, and even if the rest of your strategy is executed flawlessly you may still get less than desired results in your campaign. Simply reading these strategies will NOT help get the ROI you need! Plan AheadWay Ahead, develop a trade show marketing strategy that starts quite some time before the big event. Our trade show and convention printing services provide quick turnaround times and capabilities suited to serve the needs of large and small exhibitors. This will determine how you set up your space.

6 Advanced Trade Show Strategies And Tactics

What youre featuring at the show, other important event info, in addition, take the opportunity to personally invite prospects and customers to meet you at the tradeshow. Update brochures sell sheets Review and update any and all marketing materials you intend to have at the show (e.g. Select an ideal booth space best trade show strategies and make it open and inviting. Plan a strategy and a budget for the event. For others, there might be specific sales-related objectives such as generating a certain number of leads and opportunities, or capturing as many target-rich contacts as possible for your email database. This is sure to attract crowds if the prizes are appealing. By the number of unsubscribes you get from your initial email, youll pretty quickly know who was interested in your company and who just wanted that iPad you gave away. Which tactics youll use to ensure the best, rOI, all the necessary steps involved (including costs) to implement your tactics. Make sure that your website is top notch and is updated with current information and the design/functionality is modern. By cross-marketing with another business, you may be able to stretch your marketing dollars. Create a valuable offer. Ways to do this are by hosting a webinar as a countdown for the show, post on social media, or emailing contacts about what your company will be featuring at the show.

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Identify other companies with services or products that you dont offer but complement your business. If you need any assistance at all preparing for a trade show, please feel free to reach outWere always happy to help! Motion graphics, videos and demonstrations can be powerful vehicles for drawing interest and succinctly (and entertainingly) conveying more about your services and/or products. Youll also want to know your booth setup in advance: the dimensions of your space, ceiling height, access to lighting, internet access, electricity, etc. They are an excellent way to thank existing clients and keep your brand on their mind too. Update your website, blog, newsletter and social media profiles.

Hire a fortuneteller or provide a handwriting analysis to visitors who stop by your booth. What is your purpose for being there? This will be helpful when beginning the lead nurturing process after the event. Source: Trade Show Advisor. Cross Promote/ Collaborate with other exhibitors This tactic offers a great opportunity to spread the word about your booth company. The slide deck from your presentation can also be used as content to nurture leads and prospects after the tradeshow. More Trade Show Display Ideas For trade show display ideas, take a look at the hundreds of trade show displays we have, all of them are custom made for each client. So creating a powerful visual impact with simple and clear messaging is very important to lure people. However, dont mistake all these contacts as warm leads and try to immediately sell to them. For larger tradeshows, consider writing a series of blog posts as a guide to the event, covering things such as: Speakers not to miss, sessions to attend, breakout sessions that employees are leading.

In addition to having engaging conversations, consider something else to lure in and engage an audience. Learn more about our convention printing here. Create some internal marketing initiatives around getting your company psyched for the show, and encourage staff to leverage their personal connections to generate buzz. And of course make sure you include your photos, videos and any interviews from the show. Let current customers and prospective customers know youll be at the show, email/ Direct mail: Create an email or direct mail campaign one month before the show and request they set up a meeting with you. Set up a wireless charging station at your booth and provide games or other fun activities to keep people occupied while their gadgets juice. Or it may be a combination of all of these objectives.

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Its best trade show strategies imperative that you implement most of these strategies. Most tradeshows have a process for finding speakers, so you need to look into it and submit a proposal long in advance. Based on what youve planned for the show (presentation, promotion, new product launch, demos, free consulting time, etc. Include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other platform where you have a presence. Cookies, coffee, freshly baked bread, and even appealing scents created by scented oils or potpourri can cause people to come across the floor to find out what you have going. Sure items like ink pens are a staple, but in addition to those, choose other items that attendees will actually want to keep for themselves, not just collect to give to their kids when they get home. You can do this by giving them a reason to stop by your booth periodically. Many people are intimidated by presenting, but if you are well-prepared with a good slide presentation, its very easy to implement and the ROI can be extremely effective. Use the company newsletter. Few people can resist pleasant or tempting aromas. Setting up a game show -style wheel that allows people to win a variety of prizes will attract the masses to your booth. Trade, shows, another trade show marketing strategy that can give you excellent results is to use social media as part of your plan. Determine tradeshow goals beforehand, what are you looking to accomplish at the tradeshow?

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Speaking on a topic of expertise to a targeted audience provides instant credibility. There are many social media sites and applications to choose from, and in the modern business world, these efforts can be very rewarding. This can help you gain more traffic and get better results from almost any type of trade show. Most tweets should be sharing resources or interacting with others. This will help you design materials that fit perfectly with the plan you are following. While B2B marketers continue to rate in-person events as one of their most effective tactics, a solid strategy is required to make the most of the investment.

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Set up a post-mortem debrief with the sales and marketing teams After you return from a tradeshow, its critical to promptly set up a post-mortem debrief meeting with members of your sales and marketing teams. Create a post-event follow-up strategy Just because the tradeshow is over, doesnt mean that your work is done. Change what is going on through the day, or hold hourly events like drawings and demonstrations. Set up a money-blowing machine. Promote your trade show presence with special articles in your newsletter. Analyze your competition The trade show organizer will have a list of the other exhibitors at the show. This will give traffic a reason to stop back by later on in the day. If you will be printing brochures or other materials that will be used at the show make sure that you order these as soon as you know you will need them. Be sure to have the call to action present ideally set up an appointment to meet at the show (use a button with a link to a landing page with form). Heres a great guide for what you should know as an exhibit buyer. I suggest having a quick easy release form for participants to sign get their full names, title, Company. Its important to get a 360-degree download of the show : successes, failures, shortcomings, the good, the bad and the mediocre. Consider having unique and branded promotional items to hand out.

Include information about what your exhibit will feature, food, giveaways, presentations and special guests. Pens are a common promotional item, but you might want to consider having something like coffee mugs or high quality totes. Keep self-promoting tweets to less than 10 of your output. In order to ensure you receive the best, rOI for the trade show, its imperative to properly plan, develop and implement your marketing tactics. Send them your post- show press release and get them into your email nurture campaign of good viable leads. Visitors can take pictures and you can add your brand to the finished photo. If youre using an overseas company, they have very long shipping lead times. In addition to printing brochures, you should always take advantage of any marketing opportunities that are offered by the event organizers. People Love Photo Booths! Dont wait until the tradeshow to start generating buzz, get buzzing before the event. In all tradeshow follow up activities, dont assume that potential customers will take the time to contact you for more information. This subtle practice in feng shui will decrease the chance of having people pass you by and increase the likelihood that theyll step in and make a connection with one of your representatives. Get your own folks excited.

Order your Printing for Conventions as soon as Possible. Nothing increases the flow of bodies to your booth like cool giveaways. Add a section at the top of your home page describing your involvement in the trade show with a CTA button to schedule an appointment with you (directs to a landing page form). The invitation that is provided by the event is general and generic. Search for the best vendor booth for your company. Plan your work, work your plan You dont have to have the largest booth in the hall, hire celebrities to man your booth or give away a BMW to achieve tradeshow success. Let the trade know youll be at the show Create a press release Create a press kit: A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a page on your website or a file you can send digitally, that contains. So while some companies seem to benefit from tradeshows, many come home wondering whether their time and money was worth. It also provides a great opportunity to cross promote your booth happenings as well as giving your booth staff something to talk to visitors about.

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Failing to follow up on leads generated during a trade show is one of the most common mistakes you can make. Social Media Rocks. Use some paid advertising to highlight specials, discounts and best trade show strategies other benefits visitors can expect. With most tradeshows, especially larger ones, youll pay a premium for larger spaces and larger spaces are typically located in ideal locations. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority 5,107,416 people attended conventions in Las Vegas last year. There should also be a media office at the show where you can leave some hard copies of your press kit. You dont have to be pushy, but you certainly want to capitalize on your brand recognition to further reinforce your message.

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One way to immediately engage with potential customers at a tradeshow is by setting up a space that makes them feel welcome. Be sure to include all your relevant social sharing buttons on every promotion. And lastly, measure the best trade show strategies results of your efforts according to the goals you set for the show and do so for several months after the show is over. With some proper strategizing and planning, your tradeshow efforts can get the buzz and results that you want. Your staff is there to work the booth, so that should be the primary focus. Select Vertical Market, shows.

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