Json bitcoin price

json bitcoin price

What would a metered plan look like? Well, I look forward to seeing what all this looks like when you've got hundreds more exchanges and derivatives , products, and securities and all this stuff on there, and talk to you about what your data management journey is looking like at that time. That's the biggest thing they've wanted. You can construct everything. Do you think it's a learning curve for people trying to learn how to invest in crypto versus investing in the real world, if you will? We're not using Microsoft Access. Brian Krogsgard: I love the fact that it's just centralized, and you're doing data. There's no rate limiting. Clay Collins: Hey Brian. Clay Collins: So kind of the latest is using Kafka and Cassandra and that's what we're building. That allows us to calculate our own candles versus us believing their candles. But let's say 0x becomes the way to create a decentralized exchange, just because their protocol's that good.

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OTC desks and clearinghouses are probably the next point of concern. Brian Krogsgard: The Flippening Podcast has me hooked, so json bitcoin price you all go cross-subscribe. The long tail of a global trading is getting larger basically. Clay Collins: Yeah, so maybe it isn't fraud. And it's kind of these companies that other people find boring, I find immensely interesting. And let's level that up, the higher-end ones. From demanding enterprise use cases to economical pricing plans for startups, there is a plan for you. You want millisecond response times on APIs. If you want to make a lot more calls, then you'll pay for those additional exposure to data. You're buying something based on the future value of that. And we have this ability to put a monetary value on them.

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Clay Collins: We really want to do a deep integration with you, so that's one topic. We raised 38 million in venture capital, hired hundreds of people, had a really good go there. Also, the think right now there's not a lot of data. That's something- Brian Krogsgard: So, their API is actually going to come directly from you? They don't want candles based on like every hour or every four hours. Now in order to get 50 of the volume, you need to integrate with like 20 exchanges and. I bet you they're just doing a little bit better than break even. If you can stand up three endpoints, pretty simple endpoints, we can give you a heck of a lot of exposure. Clay Collins: All that stuff and tracking their behavior before you even have an email address or some sort of identifier. By partnering with CoinMarketCap, our team has been able to focus on providing better data analysis and trading tools for our users, instead of spending the thousands of hours required to acquire reliable pricing data in-house.". Do you expect your pay customers will be able to absorb that function for the long haul? Y'all have a ton of data between the pricing data, candle data, exchange rates. And then they had.

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Brian Krogsgard: This seems like an exponential explosion of data that's going to be on your ecosystem. Up to five years of historical data available on our Enterprise plan, ensuring that you have full visibility of all cryptocurrency data since 2013. And that's what we're focused. Live order books and depth charts, number one on the request list for people that I've talked to who said that they like Delta but they want more. Brian Krogsgard: Hello and welcome to Ledger Cast. Like I think WEX recently is like super weird and Tether was trading for like.50 a piece or something, like crazy stuff is going. So folks found themselves sort of originating a place where everything was in their CRM or everything was in their email service provider, to a space where they had to open. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on Pro API feature updates. Clay Collins: It's marketing for Nomics. I'll appreciate if someone can help me with this. Of what became a big company with Leadpages to saying, "Hey, we're gonna get involved in cryptocurrency and go after this data play."?

Since you came from a marketing background, how did you even know like here's the data that we need to put into this API? Second, we just want to win in the short term. I say metal because that's the example I know where it has this history of Bittrex and it was way higher than it ever showed on json bitcoin price Binance and I've seen people show a chart of metal on Binance and they're like, "Wow. Or is this marketing for Nomics? We're not issuing a token.

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I thought about json bitcoin price how much time Clay must have spent making this podcast, because each episode's got half a dozen guests, edited down into the questions. So each of those bots are going to have their own rankings. So yeah, at some point maybe we'll tokenize equity of the company and let people buy a piece of what we're doing. So that's a great question. So we're a big believer in dog fooding and being a customer of our own products. We don't persist the last candle if their API is down even though they're doing. And to create a data product and a data platform I think it requires a certain level of discipline. Thanks for having. I want to show the current price of the bitcoin, and also the feed to develop the bitcoin globe like. I get it, and I understand it, and it makes sense. And not only do we have ticker data, but we have multiple candlestick links on the back end for aggregate market, so all Bitcoin markets, all Ethereum markets, et cetera. It's really about talking to customers a lot, doing stuff like we did with you on Twitter where you asked for a feature and like okay, we're going to build. This is one of the most requested features they've had.

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And that was one of the rules that we put in place from day one, is that we couldn't do anything with our app that our customers couldn't do with the free version of our product. A family office is technically not an institutional investor, but some of these family offices have billions under management, so it's kind of like they walk like a duck, they talk like a duck, and they have that level of rigor to what they. That's the Lindy effect. We're gonna eventually open source completely the front end as well as iOS and Android apps. I think kind of the DNA you have to have to make this kind of product is very different from the average product in this space. From 2013 to 2017, we grew that to about 50,000 paying customers.

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Now all decentralized exchanges are essentially using 0x, which is built on Ethereum. I mean, sometimes- Brian Krogsgard: Well it might be a bad API integration. You have to reissue tokens and get all your users to not succumb to apathy. You can pluck a specific order, although I don't know why someone would do that. So yeah, we're doing all of that and then add to that different indexes. I mean, I think a lot of times a monetary value is just that the greater fool is going to come on and buy it for more, and that is the inaudible 00:50:44 of the token. But getting detailed data of everything that's happened over the past or lifetime of the coin, like several years sometimes, it gets a lot more challenging with anything. Or open data, open trading data for hundreds or thousands of crypto assets over the course of 10 or 20 or 50 years, and maintaining a source of truth for an asset like that becomes very difficult.

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The last two releases have just been chock full of stuff. It's really the only podcast for institutional crypto-investors. Yeah, so I was doing the stats on my podcast, and every single episode was getting about 50,000 downloads. It's a terrible blockchain use case. Would that be from there and higher or lower the bar? And this is only over the course of whatever the last year that it's existed. And then I was actually looking to potentially use your API and we're gonna dig into this about what Nomics is, why you're building what you're building. And then also like how they treat our emails and stuff." Like so they. If you have really thin markets and you put in a market order then it could just be that it blew past all the sell orders and jumped to some super high price. They're always working on cool stuff.

So you're having to integrate with more and more of these exchanges to get an accurate picture of what's happening. With our flexible and powerful API, we provide you with a set of data that will help you draw insights and make conclusions. Brian Krogsgard: And they make millions of dollars too. So data for orders that haven't been filled or have been canceled or maybe the order's been placed and that order converts to an actual trade and then add to that blockchain data and you have a huge undertaking. What kind of lessons for those types of people do you think you've been able to come up with? They've got that and so much more. And we have specs to handle that right now. But then as the space exploded about every single year, the number of martech companies doubled. But for now this is kind. For instance, I know custody is an issue for real institutional investors, whereas, for a lot of people with a little less on the line, they can kind of manage custody in-house.

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So basically, one of the. Clay Collins: All in, that was at least 150 hours. (only available on Standard and Professional plans). We have specs for you to write. But those network effects only reinforce JavaScript, right? I even saw one the other day where. Owning a phone makes owning a phone more valuable to everyone, every time one is purchased. They have some really great stuff going on right now because they just released live order books and depth charts. Brian Krogsgard: Your point is that Ethereum is benefiting from some of these same things, and just because something else comes along, and they're like, "We scale 20 better" or some other benefit that we have, someone. Like is this built on just a regular old database? I think there's something real about Bitcoin.

So all this sort of post-purchase information and stitching together a json bitcoin price unified customer timeline of everything they did across this timeline. Backtest your strategies, use the best possible crypto data to run simulations and backtest your trading or investing strategies. You're not a crypto project. So it's just a certain level of rigor. What they're paying for is the raw trade data.

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